The most delicious lemonade.

You might think this is a recipe, but it's not.  I'll leave that to one of my best friends who is a master at making your mouth water (Check out her food blog).  I'm talking about the proverbial lemonade you make with proverbial lemons.  I worked in a career for ten years mentoring people through overcoming fear, following their dreams and doing what they love.  It was incredibly inspiring and energizing to witness human beings manifesting their visions.  Or for the sake of this post, taking their lemons and making their very own most delicious lemonade.  Sometimes I would sit back, sipping on my blah-missing-the-secret-ingredient lemonade, and reflect...if I had 1 extra hour each day, what would I do with it?  Without hesitation the answer was (and still is)  Living yoga, every moment, on and off the mat.  

A couple months ago, I was FaceTime-ing (is that a word now?) with 1 of the 2 humans involved with my conception.  Bursting with excitement, I was telling him (Hi Dad!) about a yoga event I was in-process of planning.  He listened intently and then, with a confused look on his face, spoke the words "People will show up for that???"  This was a moment I wished AOL dial-up still existed so we would have lost connection.  For a hot second I felt totally deflated and then realized, this is the moment I've been waiting for.  I gathered up all my lemons, made the most delicious lemonade I've ever made and took a big gulp.  

Today, while Facetime-ing he casually mentioned, while chugging my lemonade (stay with me here), perhaps with a shot of vodka (everyday is Saturday in retirement) "I have to give it to you."  I responded "What do you mean?"  (I knew exactly what he meant, but my ego just wanted to hear it loud and clear.  Taming the ego is a work-in-progress.)  He continues "You're really giving this whole yoga-thing your best effort."  My soul did a little dance and then giggled at his reference to "this whole yoga-thing" (more on that later).  Recipe:  Replace fear with a generous amount of "HELL YES" and then pour in lots of love.  Directions:  Share it with the world hoping to leave even a trace of positive impact.  How's your lemonade tasting?