The Document.

Decisions, decisions.  There's always someone telling us what we "should" do, external pressures to do more or less, and quite frankly sometimes it's just easier to say "yes" (Does anyone else feel like saying "no" sometimes takes more energy?  Or is it just because I'm from the Midwest? *insert overly enthusiastic voice here*).  Brace yourself...going deep...what if it was absolutely clear why each of us were put on this Earth?  Like when you were born, your Mother also birthed (sorry for the visual) a Document stating your life purpose.  Every time you were confronted with a decision, you could just reference this Document.  This would've been very helpful when I worked 3 jobs to pay for  college, Bachelors Degree in Undecided (safe to say I'm proudly still undecided and it's awesome).  I wonder if we would be less judgmental about what everyone else is doing and just focus on living true to our own Document - trusting that we're being what we're meant to be, where we're meant to be, and doing what we're meant to do.  What if we made every decision giving priority to the things that make us feel fully alive?  

I imagine the Document would look something like this.   

I imagine the Document would look something like this.  

When an opportunity comes a knockin', often times my initial response is to blurt out a huge, energetic, midwestern, "YES".  Long days of fulfilling daunting commitments - lesson learned.  Now I practice sleeping on it.  It's incredible what a night of sleep will do for the decision-making process.  I love sleep!  Going to bed is one of my favorite parts of the day (Am I the only one who gets excited to go to sleep so that I'm closer to taking a sip of my morning coffee?  I'd challenge anyone to having a more high maintenance morning coffee ritual - don't judge, it's written in BOLD in my Document).  Sleeping on it gives me the time and space to weigh out what really matters and what I'm giving priority to.  

4 Decision-Making Questions to consider:   

1.  For the sake of what/who am I doing this?  A dear friend of mine often asks me "For the sake of what?" and if the answer is because it brings me great joy, than "Hell Yes!" and everything else is a "No...for now."  If the answer isn't rooted in YOU, then re-consider (this is not selfish, it's living true to your Document).  If you're doing it for validation or recognition, than you'll be disappointed... no satisfaction guaranteed.     

2.  Does it bring me joy?  Yes or No.  Hmm...what brings you joy?   (If you feel unclear, than this Yoga & Coaching Day Retreat is for you!)

3.  If I say "Yes", what am I saying "No" to?  For every yes, there's a no.  For every no, there's a yes.  It doesn't mean good or bad, it's simply (or not-so-simply) prioritizing.  For example, if you say "yes"to a Thursday night commitment, then you're saying "no" to any other opportunities/experiences that may take place during that day/time (Be clear on #2).   

4.  How long will I say "yes" for?   Set an end date.  Not all decisions have to be F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  If the joy-part fades away or you'd rather say "yes" to something else, then fulfill the commitment to the end date, and don't sign up for another round.  You're in control of your life.  

I'm going to go check my baby book and see if I can find that darn Document.  It's got to be in there somewhere.  Mom?