When Yoga met Coaching

Like when Harry met Sally, Yoga and Coaching are meant to be.  I’ve been getting lots of questions about what exactly coaching is, why it’s being offered with yoga, and what you can expect from the experience. All great questions! To help shine a light on this, I’ve asked my friend, collaborator, and professional coach, Bethany Dufour, to explain a bit more.

Meet Bethany!

Meet Bethany!

What is coaching?

The heart of coaching is all about figuring out what’s true for you and then making that truth reality. Coaching helps you thoughtfully consider, and then intentionally move from where you are today to where you’d like to be in the future. 

People from all walks of life work with leadership, executive, and personal development coaches, and they work with them for many different reasons: to be more effective, to achieve different results, to experience balance, to establish authentic presence… the list goes on and on.

Coaches are excellent listeners, which includes asking pointed questions. These questions make you consider things on a much deeper level than you typically have an opportunity to in your every day life. And, contrary to what the name might suggest, coaches are not there to tell you their “right answer,” or to tell you how to live your life. Quite the opposite: they’re there to help you find your right answer.

People I’ve worked with most often report their most significant progress in areas like self awareness, confidence, resilience, and decision-making. 

Why yoga and coaching together?

Yoga teaches you to slow down your mind and intentionally choose how you move your body for the sake of building strength, flexibility, and balance. Similarly, coaching teaches you to slow down your mind and intentionally choose your thoughts, for the sake of shifting your feelings, taking different actions, and opening the possibility of achieving new results. Coaching operates from the foundational principle that who you are underlies everything you do in life.  Yoga and coaching together offers an experience to be curious about who you are.  

What can I expect from coaching in a group setting at a retreat?

During our retreat, we will focus on uncovering and aligning your life with your personal core values. We will work with powerful and provocative content within the context of a group setting, and you will do personal reflection, learning, discovering, and planning on your own. 

You will be asked to consider questions that really make you think, but you will never be forced to share. Your learning and your direction are your own: whatever you share with the group is totally up to you. Just like yoga, the focus will be on looking within to seek your own personal edge and find your own right answers. 

Feeling curious?  Join us for our upcoming Yoga + Coaching Retreat!