Leaping into Possibilities

Lately, most of my days are spent making animal sounds.  It’s quite a skill to belt out the most realistic “OOH OOH Ah Ah Ah AHg” (obviously a monkey).  Typically followed by an enthusiastic high-five with my husband validating that we #nailedit.

My husband and I took a faithful leap into our new identities as parents.  I have vivid recollection of "other" parents warning us that everything changes once you have children…blah blah blah…now I understand.  The world around us didn’t change, we changed!   Ready or not.  I experience the world differently.  I see more clearly.  I feel deeper.  I play endlessly.  I connect to nature.  I live simply.  I am content.  And I go to bed earlier.  And I drink more coffee.  

Fear can keep us small or challenge us to rise above the meekness. It’s not about the act, but having the courage to try. And it’s love and faith that gives us courage.
— unknown

Life is a journey of leaps...living out our own edition of a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.  I believe everything in life is a sacrifice.  Afterall, saying “Yes” to anything means saying “No” to anything else, right?  That’s where it gets mucky…in yoga we say “No Mud, No Lotus”.  My husband recently made a decision that he’s been muddling through for quite some time.  Leaving no stone unturned (and no beer unfinished), I witnessed him wade in the mud of fear, doubt, compromise, possibility…when we’d talk about it, I could (and still can) feel the heaviness of the decision through my entire body.  In the midst of his muddling, he joined the local volunteer fire company (quite literally, he is my hero).  It has proven to be an incredible commitment and dedication with no other purpose than to be of service to others.  It sparked (poor choice of word here?) a passion in him beyond what I could have imagined.  Gandhi, in all his glorious wisdom, says “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.”  The decision became clear.  Based on personal experience alone, when taking a giant leap, the chances of success increase significantly when you give yourself a running start.  When you take a running start, you must first step away from the take-off point.  It’s the step back that helps us to see more clearly and put life into perspective.  Taking a leap requires curiosity, strength, resilience, courage, and a whole lotta faith.    

Monkey doing Monkey Pose. 

Monkey doing Monkey Pose. 

How does this relate to yoga, you ask?.  I’ve been preparing to take a leap this past month…ironic? random? I don’t believe in coincidence.  A teacher of mine challenged me to choose a yoga pose each month and teach that pose for people to experience progress.  Genius!  I chose one of my least practiced poses, Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose/Splits).  For the last month in class, we’ve been exploring the boundaries of our bodies, dissolving resistance with our heart, and experiencing the power of our breath in this pose.  Hanumanasana Pose offers so much wisdom…leaping forward with curiosity, challenging our resilience, expanding our possibilities with courage, and empowering us to recognize that we are capable of more than we know.  Hanuman in Hindu Mythology is known as the remover of difficulties; signifying strength, perseverance, and devotion.  

Take a deep breath…my husband is 6’9”, so this is going to be a helluva leap.  Once we’ve landed, I’m certain the sight of the lotus flower will be spectacular.  On your mark…get set…GO!!!

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