2018 Vision!

Cheers to 2018!

In January 2014, I completed my first vision board at an all-weekend visioning retreat.  The creativity and artsi-ness was particularly enjoyable.  Perhaps it was the "forced time" to sit down and be crafty.  In that moment, there was nothing else I was supposed to be doing.  

It wasn't until the end of the year that I glanced back at my vision board and saw that what I had crafted, in fact, came alive.  I was living closer to my vision than ever.  

As each year rolls to an end, creating a vision board has become an annual ritual.  Embarking on the new beginning, I find myself filled with inspiration and open to possibilities.  I feel a powerful connection to putting my vision on paper and sharing it with the world.  In recent years I began sharing this ritual with others during our annual Visioning & Intention Setting event.  

2017 was a particularly "colorful" year (see photo below).  I chose the word "Content" as my intention.  When I stepped into a state of being instead of seeking, I began seeing opportunites, becoming clear in what's a "Yes" (or "No"), and feeling gratitude for all the gifts that exist in this life.  The book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, spoke to me in 2017.  I was ready to hear what she had to say.  A year filled with prioritizing commitments, navigating change, thriving in opportunity, and kicking fear to the curb (*insert high kick*).  

2017.  Yes, it was as colorful as it appears.  

2017.  Yes, it was as colorful as it appears.  

Here's to 2018!  After reflection, meditation, and visioning, I chose my 1-word intention: SPACE.  

  • Space for softening. 
  • Space for gathering.
  • Space for collaboration. 
  • Space for serenity.  
  • Space for focus.  
  • Space for growth.  
  • Space for offering.  
  • Space for simplicity. 
  • Space for pause.  
  • Space for connection.  
2018.  Let the magic unfold! 

2018.  Let the magic unfold! 

As I navigate the year ahead, I will ask myself "What would space feel like in this moment?"  I interpret space, not like toss me into the woods and leave me alone (although I may enjoy that - hah!), space in the way of "doing the work" in mind and body to create room to grow.  To launch my intention, I'm on day 2 of a 3-day fast.  If you're curious about that...more details about my experience will be in the next post.

May your year be safe, healthy and happy.