June - August Schedule

All classes are All Levels


9:15-10:15am Yoga Flow with Brenda

6-7pm Yoga Flow with Brenda

7:15-8:15pm Yin Yoga with Brenda


8:30am-9:30am Gentle Yoga with Laura

6-7pm Yoga Flow with Lilly

7:15-8:15pm Candlelit Yoga with lilly


9:15-10:15am Yoga Flow with Brenda

6-7pm HoT Yoga with Erin


6-7pm Slow FLow Yoga with Tiffany

7:15-8:15pm Restorative Yoga + Nidra with Tiffany


6-7am Sunrise Yoga with Tiffany

6-7pm Happy Hour Yoga with Alicia (*Last Friday of every Month 8/30)


9-10am Yoga Flow with Brenda


9-10:15AM Kundalini Yoga with Tiffany

10:30-11:30AM Yoga Flow with Tiffany

9-10am Yoga at Hawk Mountain with Brenda (8/25)

7-7:45pm Meditation with Beth (*Last Sunday of every month 8/25)

Class schedule is subject to change.  Please view MINDBODY to register for classes.  Any class cancellations will be emailed and posted on Facebook.  Decisions to cancel classes will be made a minimum of 90 minutes before the start time of any class or event.